Save money-hire a recruiter

Does it really cost to hire?  Can you really save money by hiring a recruiter considering that many recruiters charge anywhere between 15-35% of an employee’s annual salary?  As a recruiter I can make the case that  a company can easily save money by hiring a full service recruiter.  Some studies claim that the average hiring manager will spend anywhere between 9 and 17 weeks to hire a new employee.  During this time the hiring manager will advertise, screen, interview applicants, re-interview applicants, check references run background checks, write offer letters and communicate the new hire to the existing employees.  Although the costs associated with these activities are subtle, the time and money adds up quickly.  A full service recruiting firm should  save your company by performing these activities, including interviewing support and partnering.  This task is particularly important because many interviews conducted by managers are more akin to a casual conversation or a promotion for the company instead of a structured time to learn if the applicant has the right skills and how they will fit in with the culture of the company.  In addition,  most recruiting companies, offer some kind of a guarantee to help protect the company from making the wrong hiring decision.

So why don’t more businesses hire a recruiter?  Let me hear your thoughts!

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