Risch Results Interview with Rebecca Heiss

How do you bridge the gap between wanting to be a diverse and inclusive company to being that company? 

Jolene speaks with Rebecca Heiss, CEO and Founder at Icueity, LLC to identify commonalities of diverse and inclusive business leaders.

Rebecca has been speaking to leaders and professionals for 7 years and is passionate about why we behave the way we do, especially when we are under stress. 

Diversity goes beyond race and religion. With diversity, comes stability. Diversity gives us different approaches to the same problem.”

By being open to learning, you can create an inclusive professional environment where diverse ideas are welcomed. Be open to uncomfortable conversations and accept that mistakes can be made in order to grow. 

More about Dr. Rebecca Heiss

Rebecca’s Bio

Her book, Instinct, is available for pre-order now

Rebecca is also a TED Talk speaker, view her talk: Ghostbusting Our Evolutionary “Other” 

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