Dallas, TX – November 9, 2023

Risch Results, a leading Dallas recruiting firm specializing in mid-management and executive-level roles, and their esteemed non-profit client, The Dallas Theater Center (DTC), hosted an event to celebrate the profound community impact of partnerships between local businesses and nonprofits. Held at the iconic Kalita Humphreys Theater, approximately 70 influential local business leaders attended.

The gathering, held on November 9th, was filled with insightful discussions, highlighting the success stories of collaborative recruitment efforts between Risch Results and DTC. Risch Results recruited the Director of EDI and Director of Finance for the DTC.

Dallas Theater Center resident actor, Zachary J. Willis, renowned for his roles in the recent production of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Oscar Wilde’s Out Town, treated attendees to a special performance. Guests also received a tour of the theater from Dallas Theater Center’s Executive Director, Kevin Moriarty, who shared the theater’s history as the only Frank Lloyd Wright Theater in the United States. 

Local business leader Chris McKee, Chairman of Venturity Partners, expressed his enthusiasm about attending the event, stating, “I thought I was going to a typical networking event, but it was anything but typical. A unique setting, top-notch professionals, and the chance to get an update on the DTC made networking an added bonus. It was a great way to start the morning. Being at the Kalita (Kalita Humphrey’s Theater) and seeing Zachary J. Willis perform made it an unforgettable experience.”  

Taking the spotlight, Jolene Risch, the President of Risch Results, expressed her gratitude to clients and dependable partners, stating, “This morning’s gathering was a gesture to appreciate our clients and trusted partners. Our achievements are intertwined with their unwavering support. I am convinced that our commitment to a research-driven approach, our dedication to cultivating a diverse talent pool, and our steadfastness in maintaining clear and transparent communication are the pillars that have fostered such enduring and successful collaborations.”

Risch Results has become synonymous with steadfast client satisfaction, even amidst fluctuating market scenarios. The event showcased the commitment of Risch Results to go beyond traditional recruiting services, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between businesses and nonprofits. The partnership with Dallas Theater Center serves as a testament to Risch Results’ dedication to making a positive impact in the community.

Guests clapping at Risch Results clients and friends event with the Dallas Theater Center

About Risch Results:

Risch Results is a leading recruiting firm specializing in mid-management and executive-level roles. With a nearly 100% fill rate this year, Risch Results has consistently demonstrated excellence in providing top talent for organizations in various industries, including non-profits. For more information about Risch Results and their innovative recruiting solutions, please visit www.rischresults.com.

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