Recruiting ROI

5 ways a recruiter helps to boost your business

By Jolene Risch, founder and principal, Risch Results

ROI RecruitingThere are professionals working within your business, and there are professionals working to build your business. Such is the call of duty for recruiters. Recruiting firms are key to assisting businesses identify spot-on talent who will fulfill an immediate personnel need, and also help to evolve and ultimately grow the enterprise. Here are five ways you benefit from working with a recruiting firm.

  1. Access Granted

Recruiters have access to tools that enable a streamlined and effective pursuit of qualified candidates. These tools not only cast a wide net to reach potential employees, but recruiters can also find candidates who aren’t actively looking for a career move, but may very well be a productive fit within the organization.

The ROI: Recruiters uncover talent opportunities you may not have known existed.

  1. Get Hours, Days Back

The labor market is brimming with job seekers. With so many individuals in the applicant pool, companies are in the advantaged position to be more discriminating today than they were in the past. However, more choice demands more time, focus, and effort. Recruiters help identify the best of the best so that you don’t have too.

The ROI: Your productivity quotient has risen because you can focus on the business.

  1. Cost Savings

By some professional accounts, it can cost 150 percent of the position’s salary to replace a manager. Executive-level positions can cost up to two times the annual salary. Recruiters help to lower the costs associated with turnover by finding candidates who fit. Employee retention saves money, enhances employee engagement, and mitigates lost productivity and lapses in customer service. (Read more about the benefits of reducing employee turnover with outsourced recruiting here.)

The ROI: Less spend on replacing talent means more revenue for the business.

  1. Social Media Expertise

Social media channels such as LinkedIn can function as a job posting board and a candidate screening platform. However, most businesses can only access the people they have connected with. So unless there’s a very big effort to build the network, the potential talent pool will be small. Recruiters have honed the process to source and vet candidates through a wide variety of social media channels to uncover a wider range of candidates.

The ROI: Recruiters have more depth and breadth to access candidates via social media than most companies.

  1. Company Ambassador

Recruiters function as ambassadors for your company. They look for the best and brightest while touting the benefits and opportunities your company presents.

The ROI: In the ever-growing global marketplace, recruiters are a productive advocate.

Working with a recruitment firm takes the guesswork out of talent acquisition and gives companies an efficient path to business growth. From understanding your business needs to vetting candidates, the ROI of working with a recruitment firm can have enormous value.

Risch Results is one of Dallas’ top recruiting firms for executive management, manufacturing, and financial services talent. Learn more about how Risch Results can help with your talent needs at RischResults.com or 972.839.9447.

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