Real World Match: How We Search for Candidates

When a company engages our firm to assist with a candidate search, we spring into action, working behind the scenes in ways that the client doesn’t see.

We screen candidates by analyzing their resumes and work history.

We check references via calls and emails.

We dive deep into their background.

And most importantly, we actually talk with candidates. Not just interview them to confirm resume facts, but to converse with them on a more personal level.

Because cultural fit, or lack thereof, is one of the top reasons employees leave their jobs, we make it a priority to ensure that any candidate will be a good match on a character level with the existing employees, managers, and the company as a whole.

For example, one of our recruiters identified a candidate for a manager position at a national wellness company. The candidate looked great on paper, but upon talking with her, the recruiter detected a few red flags. So, she checked references and then investigated the candidate’s activities on social platforms. Some questions arose and we never presented the candidate to the client.

While we had to then go back to the drawing board with our search, something more important happened. We saved the client from hiring someone who could possibly work out for a short while but would ultimately be a mismatch when it came to cultural fit.

By spending time and energy on a comprehensive search, our firm is able to present the best and brightest candidates who not only look great on paper — but are also a true fit in the company’s real world.

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