Mentorship: Risch Results and Rize Students

Jolene Risch standing with founders of Rize

When Tulane sophomores Sofia Viscuso and Matthew Friedman watched their classmates’ internships fall through because of the pandemic, they knew they needed to come up with a solution. Students need work experience on their resumes before they graduate. And companies, who may not have had the resources during the pandemic to hire and manage interns, still had projects they needed to complete.

Their solution was Rize, a platform connecting college students to paid, remote, short term projects. The business is a win-win. Students can collect valuable work experience (and contacts) from a variety of companies. Small businesses can post turn-key projects for qualified students who can help them meet their business goals.

Jolene Risch is passionate about mentoring students, supporting small businesses, and helping people become more employable. As an advisor and mentor to Rize, she’s enjoyed sharing her business and recruiting industry knowledge with founders Sofia and Matthew.

“You absolutely must find ways to develop marketable and employable skills,” Jolene shared. “It’s very hard for college students to find positions when unemployment is high. This is a great way to learn new skills.”

Want to learn more about Rize? Visit rizestudent.com to learn about the platform or post a project for your business. Learn more about Rize’s inspiring founders, Sofia and Matthew, on their LinkedIn profiles.

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