LinkedIn Post 1: Is it Worth My Time?

linkedinThe new wave of web and technology advancements has amazed and overwhelmed society. With mobile devices and an infinity of social media sites clamoring for your attention, the distinction between a powerful technology platform and a time-waster can be a thin grey line. Yet, when it comes to LinkedIn-the ability to advertise yourself, build and foster a professional network, search for new opportunities, and innocently remain an active candidate for recruiters-there is no question to its real value. Those who fail to utilize the powerful tools of LinkedIn are as ill-equipped for professional advancement as those who can’t hold a conversation at the water cooler.

This blog, for an undermined number of entries, will focus exclusively on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has quickly grown to the largest professional network on the web and the starting point for almost every recruiter (if they care to keep their jobs). Those that fail to create a professional profile hide themselves from potential upward-moving career opportunities. Essentially, professionals with an inadequate or non-existent profile do not exist in the eyes of a recruiter.

But I am happily content with my current position I don’t need to use LinkedIn. That’s great you’re content, but you never know what the future holds and starting at square one in an unseen situation can trip-up even the most professional among us. Furthermore, those that view LinkedIn as a sole platform for recruiters to harass (or politely message) candidates fail to grasp the true beauty of an online professional network. LinkedIn provides the tools to easily grow your network and keep updated on all professional advancements and news within your network. The site, furthermore, provides a seamless ability to view network statistics: by city, company, trade and more. Trying to connect with that one company? With one click you can find out if you have a potential connection (granted you have built up your connections).

The ability to professionally empower yourself and help others is too great to ignore. The following blog posts will break down LinkedIn and provide a detailed analysis how to harness this powerful tool. Ignore at your own risk….

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