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Reducing Unconscious Biases in Hiring

In a guest appearance on The Jeff Crilley Show, Risch Results President Jolene Risch shares how we help our clients build diverse, effective teams. “You have to find different ways of finding the right talent,” says Jolene. To hire top talent, Risch Results emphasizes mitigating unconscious biases in the recruitment process. When these unconscious biases are addressed, everyone wins. The client hires a strong candidate they may not have found on their own who shares the company values. The candidate finds work at a company whose mission fills them with passion and purpose.

Building Company Culture at Risch Results

  • Behind our 95% fill rate, and average fill time of 55 days, our team members tend to be solution-oriented, flexible, and understanding with one another.
  • We’re a remote-work company, but Risch Results employees meet up regularly for professional learning experiences and philanthropic endeavors in their local community.
  • Our team members particularly have a heart for addressing the needs of women, the homeless, and those seeking professional development or career services. Our employees volunteer for organizations such as Dallas-based food charity Hunger Busters, which provides groceries to impoverished families. We support Greyston Bakery, which addresses unconscious biases by hiring anyone regardless of their background. Finally, we support Thistle Farms, an organization that helps victims of sex trafficking to recover physically, mentally, and professionally. 

How our values help us serve our clients

These values are translated into our interactions with clients, who often choose to work with us long-term. Communities Foundation of Texas recounts how we helped the nonprofit to double its size during the pandemic despite having a small HR department. Other clients credit our open communication and transparency to the successful placements in a tight labor market.

Listen to the episode to learn more

To learn more about Risch Results’ multilayered approach to creating diverse communities, watch the full interview below.

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