We are so excited you have decided to allow Risch Results,, LLC powered by iRock Résumés help you achieve your career goal(s) using our services!

We take your commitment to your career advancement seriously. We are excited to help you with the tools and strategies that have helped many of our clients generate great results.

To help us have a solid start, here are the terms and conditions to accept with your purchase. Our clients never have to look at these again since we do all we can to ensure your satisfaction—but our lawyer has us submit this to all clients as a point of clarity for you and iRock.

iRock’s clients have an excellent record of landing jobs and advancing their careers. However, we offer no guarantees of landing a job or promotion as a result of using our services.

For all services purchased, you acknowledge that this is a collaborative process between you and iRock and agree to perform suggested activities to improve your job search results. Without your engagement in the process, the results will not be what you would want.

Work Authorization

This work authorization is an agreement to proceed on the development of career marketing documents. The agreement is between you (hereinafter referred to as “client”) and Risch Results, LLC powered by iRock Résumés (hereinafter referred to as “COMPANY”).

All writing projects include preparation of an initial draft and one revision with a three (3) day turn around on each. Please adhere to this deadline as it helps us stay on track with delivery times of other client orders.

  • If you selected a résumé editing service, it includes reviewing, proofreading, modifying, and making minor changes. It does not include rewriting, reformatting, or revamping a résumé. If this is needed, please consider purchasing a full résumé service.
  • LinkedIn profile development fees include the creation of custom Headline and Summary content from client-supplied résumé and supporting documentation, completion of questionnaire form, and / or up to a 45-minute scheduled consultation.
  • LinkedIn content will be provided via template. The template will include instructions to upload to your account. Under no circumstances will the COMPANY require access to a client’s LinkedIn account username or password due to LinkedIn restrictions on service providers. The COMPANY risks losing its account if LinkedIn discovers entry into a profile. The LinkedIn template will include a draft review with one revision before finalization.

Note: This fee quote is based on information provided to the COMPANY. An adjustment to the actual cost will be made if the scope of the project varies significantly from the information this estimate was based on. Additional services are based on a $250/hour charge, billed in quarter-hour increments.

To allow me to service all clients timely, this agreement commits you to:

  1. providing all documents needed to complete your project within 72 hours of initial payment.
  2. the entire project is completed with your engagement within 45 days of the completed purchase. 

Projects can take 14-21 days to complete depending upon the package you select. Please review the tasks list to ensure you send all required documents. If you do not have all the items requested, please advise us once you have sent the final documents you want us to consider for your project.

The project timeline begins when all documents you want considered are in, not when payment is made. Having all documents in allows for uninterrupted writing and project delivery time.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment is due in full prior to services being rendered. Risch Results, LLC powered by iRock Résumés will not provide any service without payment of fees in full.

Payment may be made by check payable to Risch Results, LLC debit or credit card. Check payments must clear before services will be provided. Client agrees to pay an additional fee of $50 US dollars on all returned checks, plus legal and collection fees.

Payment plans (if applicable) require a $50 administration fee. A separate agreement is required for this arrangement.

Expectations of Each Party (Client and the COMPANY)

Client agrees to pay all fees associated with requested work and participate fully in the information-gathering process for creating the career marketing documents — including, but not limited to, answering questions, providing copies of previous career marketing documents, providing job postings (via links or content via email or uploaded document) for the career target identified as the focus of the job search, and giving as much information as possible in order to create interview-winning career marketing documents.

The preferred method of documents sent is in Word format for ease of editing. If you only have a PDF, ok to send as well.

If you need to reschedule a call (consultation, interview prep, or coaching) please give a 4-hour notice. 

If specified in the quote for services, the client agrees to complete a custom questionnaire thoroughly and accurately, to the best of his/her ability. A telephone consultation will be conducted to clarify issues not fully explained in the questionnaire. The client agrees not to use this as a substitute for completing the questionnaire if specified.

Risch Results, LLC powered by iRock Résumés (hereinafter referred to as “COMPANY”) will not be responsible for missed deadlines if the client is late in providing information or does not approve of work in a timely manner at any stage of the process.

The client must review all career marketing documents for accuracy (including errors and missing or incomplete content) and advise of any changes or corrections (or approval to finalize) within three (3) days of receipt of the draft documents.

If changes are indicated, the COMPANY will provide one additional draft of the document for client review and approval. Approval of the second draft is required within three (3) days of draft delivery. If corrections or approval are not provided within the timeline specified, it is assumed the documents are acceptable and the project will be finalized.

Additional or new information introduced after work has started will generate additional fees for consultation and writing services at the rate of $100/hour, billed in 15 minute increments and due prior to draft delivery.
The client will receive draft documents and proofreading instructions via the COMPANY’S client portal.

The client must check all data for accuracy and completeness, including job titles, descriptions, accomplishments, dates of employment, and correct spellings. If corrections are requested, the client must forward them in the timeframe specified on the proofreading instructions form.

The COMPANY uses a client portal to ensure accuracy in communicating changes and approval for client documents. Please respond to draft delivery within three (3) days via the client portal to indicate any changes or corrections necessary, or to indicate approval of documents. A form will be sent for your signature approving the final documents on the fourth (4) day or before if the client responds with final approval within the specified time frame.

Requests for changes, corrections, or revisions after the project is finalized will be subject to additional charges at the rate of $100/hour, billable in 15 minute increments.

Timelines and Project Finalization

Unless other arrangements are made, document drafts are provided within 14-21 business days (excluding Holidays) from when the client information is received (phone consultation completed or completed questionnaire received from the client). The client is responsible for notifying Risch Results, LLC powered by iRock Résumés (hereinafter referred to as “COMPANY”) if the draft documents are not received by the expected delivery date.

Rush service is available at an additional 10% of the service requested.Please provide 24 hours-notice for any consultations that need to be rescheduled.

If your services include a package and have not commenced and / or finalized within 90 days from the date of this agreement, the project will be considered complete and the client will forfeit the rights to any services not used. This excludes career marketing documents that have their own deadlines (i.e. résumés, LinkedIn profiles, bios, CVs, and other career marketing documents).

On day four (4), all written portions of projects (career marketing documents) will be considered approved and complete. Any additional work will be billed at the rate of $100/hour fee billed in 15 minute increments.
Changes after finalization, including client’s discretionary revisions, are subject to additional charges at a $100/hour fee billed in 15 minute increments.

Warranty Disclaimer

I understand that Risch Resluts, LLC powered by iRock Résumés (hereinafter referred to as “COMPANY”) will work with me in good faith to compose and design exceptional career marketing materials based on the data I provide.

I understand that the documents composed by the COMPANY must be marketed properly to produce interviews and that no guarantee of interviews, job offers, or employment is made when utilizing the services of the COMPANY. Client accepts full responsibility for the outcome of any job search campaign and agrees to not hold the COMPANY responsible for lack of interviews or job offers, failure to obtain employment, or any other related outcomes.

Client success is directly dependent on the effort, commitment, and diligence employed using the new career document and a variety of job search strategies (applying for advertised positions, networking, social media search, direct contact with potential employers, etc.). Outcomes are affected by many external variables, including market volatility, local and national economies, market saturation for a particular industry, and client’s level of experience, skills, and education.

Client Assurance of Accuracy of Information Provided

The client is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. Risch Results, LLC powered by iRock Résumés (hereinafter referred to as “COMPANY”) will not be responsible for information obtained from the client that is inaccurate, incomplete, or incorrect.

The client is responsible for the accuracy of information included in career documents and should not sign off on projects as finalized without thoroughly reviewing the documents.

The COMPANY is not responsible for errors on client originals or for errors after proofreading and approval by the client.

The COMPANY is not liable for any injury or damage caused by client omissions, false statements, or other inaccuracies, and will not be responsible for any monetary compensation or attorney fees if a legal dispute arises.

Under no circumstances will the COMPANY be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use documents provided by the COMPANY.

Client represents and warrants that he or she owns or otherwise controls all of the rights to the content supplied to the COMPANY (except job descriptions), that the content is accurate, that he / she is authorized to use the content supplied, and that the COMPANY is indemnified for all claims resulting from content supplied by the client.

Client authorizes the COMPANY to use any work created on his / her behalf in publications, books, websites, and/or lectures provided that client information (including names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses) is changed to protect client identity.

When the client submits information to the COMPANY, he / she grants a non-exclusive, royalty-free,   perpetual, irrevocable, and fully sub-licensable right to use, edit, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, and display such content subject to the company’s Privacy Policy.

Client grants permission to the COMPANY to use the content of client’s career marketing documents to be published in articles, columns, books, industry-related publications, and / or training materials at the discretion of the COMPANY. All client-identifying data (name, address, city, email address, phone numbers) will be removed or fictionalized to protect client identify.

Client grants permission to the COMPANY to use feedback from receiving and reviewing client’s career marketing documents to be published in marketing related items including website content, social media promotions, brochures, in articles, columns, books, industry-related publications, and / or training materials at the discretion of the COMPANY.

Clients name and job title will be used unless specifically requested by the client to be remove from such promotions or altered using a fictitious name. No identifying data (address, city, email address, or phone number) will be used.

Client acknowledges that career documents are considered work-for-hire under the United States Copyright Act of 1976. All concepts, ideas, copy, sketches, artwork, electronic files, and other materials are the property of the COMPANY.

Client agrees that the documents created by the COMPANY will be used for the sole purpose of seeking / soliciting jobs and / or interviews and for any other purposes expressly authorized by the COMPANY. The client may not sell, share with others, post, publicly review, or otherwise, utilize the documents unless authorized in writing by the COMPANY.

All materials, information, documents, and resources provided to the client in the process of completing the project remain the property of the COMPANY.

The client is granted a revocable license to use career marketing documents; however, the COMPANY retains copyright and holds intellectual property rights for materials created. This license does not permit the client to allow a third party to utilize any of the materials or products developed by the COMPANY for any purposes other than to review for potential employment.

Information gathered from the client during the document creation process will be kept confidential. The COMPANY agrees not to disclose client’s confidential information to anyone or use it in any way other than for the purpose of performing services for the client, with the exception that the COMPANY may disclose confidential information if ordered to do by a court of law.


Jolene Risch CEO/Founder of Risch Results, LLC, Nickquolette Barrett CEO/Founder of iRock Development Solutions, LLC dba iRock Résumés

All work and services will be completed in a timely manner, subject to acts of God, equipment failure, or other circumstances beyond the control of the COMPANY.

The COMPANY is not responsible for technical difficulties related to receiving or transmitting information, including, but not limited to, file compatibility issues or email difficulties. Please consult your favorite search engine and / or computer manufacturer for assistance.

The COMPANY is not responsible for technical, hardware, and / or software failures of any kind nor for any issues resulting from same. This is not our area of expertise.

The COMPANY provides client files in Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat PDF, and ATS/ASCII formats and does not guarantee documents will retain all of their original, intended formatting and features on client equipment. The COMPANY cannot provide technical support for document formatting or other file compatibility issues due to the wide variety of computer software and hardware available for client use.

No Refund Policy

Fees for consultation, information-gathering, and preparation of career documents are non-refundable, as Risch Results, LLC powered by iRock Résumés (hereinafter referred to as “COMPANY”) provides custom services for each client.

Services include client consultation and / or coaching, writing and editorial services, design, layout, editing and proofreading, and finalization. Services rendered are neither cancelable nor refundable.

By signing this form, the client acknowledges that fees are for services and, as such, are neither cancelable nor refundable. Client understands that by signing this agreement, he / she authorizes the COMPANY to provide the services outlined in the quote and/or invoice.

If applicable, any deposits made are non-refundable, as they cover the development of customized questionnaires, interview questions, or other services.

Once the client has paid for services and received the customized questionnaire, no refunds are available.

Services may be canceled within 24 hours after completion of information-gathering phone consultation or return of the completed questionnaire. Cancellations are subject to a $125 service fee.

The COMPANY is under no legal obligation to refund the purchase price of any service under any circumstance. However, the COMPANY will seek to satisfy every client in a reasonable manner.

Writing services are customized to the client and are therefore not cancelable or refundable once writing has begun.

However, the COMPANY will rewrite any résumé that does not generate interviews after 90 days, provided the client has marketed the document property – i.e., must have been submitted to a minimum of 30 open positions, used online and offline, and client must provide a copy of two (2) job postings and the résumé and cover letters submitted to each, etc.

Rewrite services are limited to content already provided to the COMPANY and will not include any new information.

Any new information will be subject to a $100/hour fee billed in 15 minute increments.


Risch Results, LLC powered by iRock Résumés (hereinafter referred to as “COMPANY”) reserves the right to refuse service, terminate a client relationship, or otherwise cancel orders in my sole discretion.
In the event of any legal action, the laws of Texas will apply, and only the courts located in Allen, Texas will have jurisdiction over the parties to this agreement.

This agreement shall be governed in all aspects by the laws of the United States of America and by the laws of the state of Texas. Each of the parties irrevocably consents to the exclusive personal jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in Texas, as applicable, for any matter arising out of, or relating to, this agreement, except that in actions seeking to enforce any order or any judgment of such federal or state courts located in Indiana, such personal jurisdiction shall be non-exclusive.

If any provision of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, all other clauses shall remain unchanged and in full force and effect.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change based on the needs of the business, iRock Development Solutions, LLC dba iRock Résumés.

Thank you so much for choosing iRock Development Solutions, LLC dba iRock Résumés as your career development strategy partner. We appreciate your business and confidence in our services.


Client agrees to order the work as described in this agreement and agrees to pay the total of the fees for the services ordered.

If a payment plan has been entered into, client authorizes the COMPANY to charge his / her credit card account for services indicated and this transaction shall be fully binding whether processed through the online shopping cart, by phone, or the COMPANY’s current payment processor (i.e. Stripe, PayPal, etc.).

Client further declares that he / she has read, understands, and accepts the terms and conditions in this agreement.

iRock T&C