Making a tough hiring decision? Here’s where to start.

Having to choose between two amazing candidates is probably the best hiring problem you can have. Either way, you’re about to hire someone great! However, that doesn’t always make it easy to make a final decision. 

When you’ve narrowed down the hiring process to two talented candidates, how do you decide which one gets an offer? We’re sharing some criteria we give our clients to help them with final decision making. In fact, this hiring criteria can guide your decision no matter how far along you in the process.

Criteria for your hiring decision:

Consider value add, not just culture fit. 

We encourage our clients to prioritize the value a candidate will bring to the company over the way they perceive they’ll “fit in” to the culture. Which candidate can offer new perspectives, improved approaches, or innovative ideas to the role?  Prioritizing these “value adds” ensures you’re hiring the best possible person for the role– and helps to mitigate unconscious bias from the hiring process. 

Think about the future of the company. 

It’s tempting, especially when filling an urgent role, to hire the candidate who can best fill the position NOW. But if you’re stuck between two great candidates, you also need to consider your vision for the company’s future. Who is best suited to bring value to the company, now and in years to come? 

Use assessments. 

In addition to resume reviews and interviews, Risch Results uses behavioral and skills assessments as hiring tools. These assessments better inform our clients in the hiring process. They uncover candidates’ personality traits, motivators, and other qualities that give hiring teams a holistic view of the talent pool. 

Evaluate soft skills. 

Are two candidates are in a dead heat based on their experience and qualifications? Soft skills may be the tie breaker you’re looking for. Consider how skills like communication, leadership, empathy, creativity, optimism, or problem solving will be best suited to the position you’re hoping to fill. Then, evaluate which candidate is better equipped with those soft skills. 

Gauge their enthusiasm. 

You may be clamoring to write these candidates an offer. Are they equally as excited to receive one? If you’ve got the choice between two desirable hires, make sure to consider who is enthusiastic about your company and role. Are you looking for an engaged, passionate employee? If so, think about who has been the most engaged and proactive in the hiring process. 

Make well-informed, effective hiring decisions with Risch Results

In each of our unique talent searches, we strive to find and present the candidates who have the potential to be most transformative to an organization. Looking for your next hire? Contact us to learn more about our process. 

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