What is a fractional contract recruiter? 

Let’s start by pointing out the difference between working with Risch Results as a retained search firm and bringing us in-house as a fractional contract recruiter.

In many cases, working with a retained search firm is a great way to help organizations with your talent acquisition needs. This is how Risch Results works in most circumstances. Our clients retain us to source and fill one or more positions at their company. In return, we cast a wide net to attract and assess talented candidates who will add value to the role.

On the other hand, sometimes clients experiencing rapid growth or sourcing many positions at a time may want to bring a recruiter into their organization or HR team on a fractional basis. In this case, Risch Results dedicates one of our recruiters to your organization. It’s a flexible arrangement, but our team members will work directly with your hiring managers, HR team, and leadership to source 8 or more roles at once, typically over the course of 6 months or more.

When does a fractional contract recruiter make sense? 

Will this model work for you? Here are some criteria to consider:

  • You’re filling 10 or more positions at once because you’re growing, restructuring, launching, or starting up
  • You anticipate needing to continue filling a large number of positions over the course of six months or more
  • You might have an HR team, but you don’t have a person/team dedicated to the time consuming process of talent acquisition or recruiting
  • You need a talent acquisition person on board for a temporary/interim amount of time
  • Your current hiring process is moving slowly because your hiring managers and HR team don’t have the bandwidth to move it along

What are the benefits of this model? 

The primary benefit of bringing in a fractional recruiter is the ability to source many roles at once with an expert team member dedicated entirely to your organization’s talent acquisition. Here are a few more benefits:

  • In times of growth, fill more roles more quickly and more effectively
  • Have a team member who can bring in market research, industry compensation knowledge, and assessments to your hiring needs
  • Receive the support of the Risch Results research team and access to our database to source candidates
  • Our recruiters can implement processes if your HR team doesn’t already have an efficient talent acquisition process. Or, we can adapt to yours!
  • If you’re receiving active applications, dedicating a team member to screen applicants
  • If you’re not receiving many applications, having an experienced Risch Results recruiter able to source top talent

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