Company: Nonprofit Family Services

Industry: Nonprofit

Service Category: Direct Hire

The Challenge: The nonprofit organization had a limited budget to hire a new CFO when the organization’s former CFO retired. The organization sought a candidate with nonprofit experience. Since they were unable to offer relocation, we searched Houston nonprofit organizations for candidates.What Set this Search Apart: The extensive interview process. Candidates first met with the COO and then the CEO. Finalists met with the finance department, executive staff members, and the board, for a total of five rounds of interviews.

The Approach: We started by creating a list of nonprofit organizations in Houston. We looked for CFO and controller candidates ready for the next step in their careers. We met with and assessed prospects before recommending them for the client’s interview process.

The Results: Risch Results recruited an MBA/CPA candidate from a nonprofit school in Houston. She’s been in the position since May 2020.