Company: Furniture Manufacturer

Industry: Manufacturing

Service Category: Direct Hire

The Challenge: The client, a furniture company that manufactures room-dividers and partitions, was looking for a Warehouse Manager. The manufacturer experienced rapid, exponential growth because of demands for healthcare, school and office partitions during COVID-19.

To keep up with increased production needs, the company added another warehouse shift and many new employees. The client needed a Warehouse Manager with experience to support the Director of Operations.

What Set this Search Apart: The rapid timeline. The client needed a great candidate quickly to meet the challenges of rising demand.

The Approach: With our customized process, Risch Results researched qualified prospects in the manufacturing industry. We reviewed prospect resumes with the client to receive feedback on potential candidates and better understand the qualities, accomplishments, and skills the client most valued.

After thoroughly interviewing potential candidates, we presented 14 candidates for the client to interview. We managed the manufacturer’s two-round interview process, including scheduling, debriefing, and advising to move candidates forward.

The Results: The company selected a candidate. Risch Results found an experienced, effective Warehouse Manager who started working within five weeks of the first day of our search.