Company:  Financial Company

Industry: Financial Services

Service Category: Direct Hire

The Challenge: The company needed to hire a CFO for their growing business in the crypto currency space. After outsourcing the controller function, they decided it was time to bring in a permanent employee. The client is completely remote and requested a nationwide search for a CFO. The organization asked for a candidate who started their career in public accounting and was a CPA. The candidates also needed extensive NetSuite software experience.

What Set this Search Apart: The highly specific experience and skill set.

The Approach: After a targeted, nationwide search, Risch Results submitted four candidates to one of the company investors. The candidates took a FIT assessment analyzing skills and cultural fit. The client reviewed resumes and assessment results in detail. They selected two candidates to interview.

Prior to the interview, one of the candidates withdrew from the search when he decided it was too soon to make a career move. The other candidate met all of the client’s requirements, had a very successful first interview, and was a cultural fit. He met with the CEO via Zoom and was given an offer on the spot.

The Results: The search took less than three weeks to complete. Since the client gave such specific details as to what the organization needed, we were able to find a perfect fit with the first candidate we submitted.