Company: Engineering Firm

Industry:  Engineering

Service Category: Direct Hire

The Challenge: A strong cultural fit was very important for this engineering client. Since they have two offices and some remote workers, they were looking for an amiable self-starter with strong communication skills. Previous cold calling experience and a familiarity with the industry was also critical for this role.

What Set this Search Apart: The client was looking to fill a hybrid Sales and Marketing Development position where the candidate would be responsible for outbound prospecting (90%) and inbound lead nurturing (10%). They wanted someone with at least two years of experience targeting commercial building contractors or other relative experience.

The Approach: The client had offices in Kansas City, Austin and the President lived in Dallas, so we were able to look for qualified candidates in all three cities. We looked for candidates currently working in the construction, architecture and engineering industries.

The Results: We hired a designer out of Kansas City that had previous experience working for an architectural firm. The candidate had sales and customer services skills, but also AutoCAD skills, making her a perfect fit for this engineering firm.