2021 Hiring Trends: How leaders can prepare for the year ahead

How will leaders meet their hiring and retention goals?  

More than 9 million jobs remain lost from the pandemic, but a pivot in the economy is expected. With rising COVID-19 counts entering 2021, and the promising availability of a vaccine, there are themes to watch regarding talent and location strategies for talent acquisition.

At the forefront of 2021 planning, there are several questions looming like when the pace of hiring will accelerate, and who will see the impact first.

This session will help provide key insights on:

  • What to expect for jobs, talent supply and hiring across the greater Dallas area
  • Recovery timelines for key locations and industries across the U.S.
  • Challenges companies and job candidates will face in 2021
  • Why diversity measures remain at the forefront of planning in 2021

Join Jolene Risch, President of Risch Results and Jay Denton, Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence and Chief Innovation Officer of Think Why as they discuss how leaders can meet their diversity goals in the current market.  

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    About the Speakers

    Jolene Risch, President and Founder of Risch Results 

    Jolene Risch founded Risch Results in 2007 after seeing local companies struggle with successfully meeting their goals for recruiting and business growth in today’s rapidly changing workplace. Leveraging 20+ years of experience, Jolene has developed a variety of innovative tools to design and deliver solutions for improved organizational performance. While Risch Results started as a small Dallas-based consulting company, today we also recruit for top talent in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and other major U.S. cities.

    Jolene acts as the head contact for all projects and works directly with clients to ensure that Risch Results provides exemplary services. She understands that each organization is different and designs each client solution based on an in-depth assessment.


    Jay Denton, Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence and Chief Innovation Officer of LaborIQ® by ThinkWhy

    Jay Denton serves as senior vice president of business intelligence and chief innovation officer for ThinkWhy. In addition to leading the company’s business intelligence unit and product innovations, Denton’s focus is on sustaining a culture of thought leadership.  His expertise in market analytics and media engagement are a cornerstone for the organization.

    Prior to joining ThinkWhy, Denton was senior vice president of business intelligence at one of the largest U.S. multifamily investment and management firms. He led the company’s market research efforts, as well as the creation of the company’s next-gen BI platform which was described as a key differentiator during subsequent fundraising initiatives. Denton brings more than 15 years of leadership experience in SaaS organizations, including the role of senior vice president of analytics where his responsibilities included product creation, client consulting and predictive analytics. 

    Denton earned a dual BBA degree in Management Information Systems and General Business at Texas Tech’s Rawls College of Business.


    About LaborIQ® by ThinkWhy®:

    LaborIQ® by ThinkWhy is a breakthrough technology providing talent acquisition professionals with data-driven solutions to grow their bottom line. 

    LaborIQ by ThinkWhy’s talent tech helps win candidates – and clients – with the most precise market analysis and salary answers for over 20,000 job titles, across all U.S. cities and industries. LaborIQ’s employment reporting and forecasts, talent supply and demand, compensation benchmarking, and custom reporting tools deliver a competitive advantage in talent acquisition.

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